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June 23rd, 2007

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10:47 pm - relevation
ever have those conversations that really make you open your mind and say wow, i can't believe i never thought of that before? that lightbulb effect where things suddenly seem crystal clear? amazing. i feel like i've been brainwashed or under some trance for such a long time. i mean, i realize i'm not going to immediately change or anything and this relevation is something i have to continue to work on, but i feel like i've really closed myself off and i don't like that. i think the reason i don't have a lot of close friends is because i limit myself, not because i don't find people i could be friends with. i'm too picky, too demanding, too critical of others.

so i'm excited about growing up and changing. = ) i'm also super tired from all my work. and i'm also enjoying the summer program - all the staff are great, and some are cute too ;-)

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