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August 5th, 2007

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08:33 pm - trust
how do you go about trusting others again and befriending new people when your whole perception of people and life has radically shifted? how do you go about giving trust back in people when someone has taken the trust you gave them and, for lack of a nicer phrase, stomped in to the ground? what do you do when you realize someone has been toying with you, manipulating you, for several years, and you let it happen? is it more a reflection of myself or him? do i have to change because i realize i'm much too naive and trusting and people in this world are not as trustworthy? or was that one person just a fluke that got past my defenses? that people are naturally good and i need to continue to trust people as a whole?

shit, i haven't felt this depressed in a long time. my head hurts. my heart aches.

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