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September 9th, 2007

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08:34 pm - sometimes i wonder...
...where life will take me next... or if i'm feeling pro-active, where i will decide to take my life next = P i've just started teaching at a new school..and its awesome! don't take this as i'm thinking about moving on, because i'm not.. i could totally see myself staying at this school for awhile... its great, the students are awesome, the staff is super fun and very supportive and i have great classes that i'm teaching (a current events class, focusing on humanitarian efforts, especially concerning Africa at this point, as well as a 9th grade engineering class (integrated math 1 - alg/geo, and earth science), and an advisement class)... so everythings going great. i work way too hard, but i do enjoy it.

i guess what brought this on is my current events class... in order to find out more information to give and teach my students about the genocide that is happening in Darfur, along with all the other wars and atrocities happening in Africa, and around the world (which we will get to eventually), i've been reading a lot and watching lots of movies. i've been going online and looking at different organizations and trying to figure out what we can do to make a difference. i looked at www.invisiblechildren.com, which i've been to numerous times and bought lots of merchandise from... and i read that there is a teacher exchange program that happened this past summer... i'm hoping they have another one next summer and if so i would totally apply for that and hopefully be able to go to uganda for a month and teach students over there... that would be incredibly amazing! my heart bleeds for the African people who are so caught up in the wars and have never known peace, and i would love to do something, anything, to help. i would love to go to Africa, as long as it was safe... and with this program, it sounds like it would be. i love the possibilities. i could definitely see myself doing this, so i'm going to cross my fingers and hope that it actually happens (and spend lots of time on that application!)

so that's my update. i know its been awhile livejournal population, but not much as moved me to waste time writing on here when i've been way too busy and haven't had much free time at all. = P

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