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June 16th, 2007

08:45 pm - mid year check in
1. yes
3. mfsjdkhlkjl

January 2nd, 2007

12:01 pm - Happy New Year Everyone!
I'm sure your's was better than mine - i spent it over a toilet with the stomach flu. ugh. hope the rest of the year goes better =P

oh, and as for resolutions, i'm a little past those, but i guess i'll try for...

1. find a new job
2. figure out what i'm doing with my life
3. exercise

yeah, guess those are always the goals =P i'll just keep working on those.

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08:34 pm - awesome music
old school TLC that has me shakin my booty and singing at the top of my lungs in my car is freakin awesome
Current Mood: draineddrained

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June 12th, 2007

08:38 pm - lots of money spent
i haven't been saving much money this month :-( i had to buy a bunch of gifts - for weddings, birthdays, 8th grade graduations, etc. I got my roommate a deep frier for his wedding :-P hey, he asked for it (really he did, it was on his registry). i'm gonna add a deep frying cookbook as well as some food - potatoes, twinkies, and whatever else i can think of (suggestions?) the other wedding present is boring cuz she didn't register for anything exciting...thats y registry's are boring... i should just get her something funny - like a melon baller and some melons. haha!

so not even have i been spending lots of money, but money has been taken out of my account that shouldn't! that's right, stupid Yardhouse charged me for something they shouldn't have. i emailed my bank, which didn't respond, then i called the Yardhouse, which said they would handle it by tomorrow, so we'll see. it was $78.69 - money i can definitely use (to buy all those expensive presents).

but hey, i won't be spending much this summer and my new job is paying a lot more, so that's good news.

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June 11th, 2007

09:58 am - speaking of old tv shows...
anyone know where i can get my hands on old episodes of Out of this World?

plus, being back at work sucks.

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June 10th, 2007

07:53 pm - old tv show name needed!
does anyone remember the name of that old tv show, that must have been on tv in the early to mid 90s about a girl who could stop time by touching the tips of her fingers together?

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02:00 am - i feel old...
hmm..i think i've had this same subject line before and it seems to be a recent trend. i must remember that i'm much too old to go to these clubs...i like dancing, but i just don't enjoy that dancing anymore. i have no desire to grind up on random guys, be squished among sweaty people, or dance to music that has the same lyrics and beat.

if i decide i do need a dancing fix, i will limit myself to only going out on thursday or sunday nights (friday and saturday are much too crowded) and only to clubs that play good hip hop music. salsa clubs can be a possible exception, except i don't hang out with anymore that salsa dances... boo....

ooohh..i think i had a latin dancing dream a couple nights ago. makes me miss chacha-ing and samba-ing.

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June 7th, 2007

05:58 pm - week off...
it's been a very productive week. not super relaxing. no awesome vacation stories. but i got a lot of things done i needed to get done: starting to pack and move, cleaning garage with mom, eye doctor appointment, new glasses ordered, hair cut, new job paperwork turned in, and fun family time. oh yeah, my new haircut is super cute =) i might post a pic if i get around to it.

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May 28th, 2007

11:56 pm - rosarito..
..was scandalous. i wasn't so scandalous (okay, a bit = P) but all the other girls there..damn. i had a very enlightened moment where i realized that all these girls are just trying to show off because they have low self esteem...so sad, but makes for quite a show. i saw way too many girls' boobs. here are some things i'm def going to remember: papas and beers, margaritas, blenders, coronas, jacuzzi, beach, churros, my new cowgirl hat, wet t-shirt contest (not me!), guys in room 807, going to sleep at 5am, lobster, tacos, shopping, techno, hip hop, dancing, sand, jumping walls, sneaking guys in, spoons, naps on the beach, making friends, good times....
Current Mood: tiredtired

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May 24th, 2007

09:05 pm - i feel old...
i usually go to sleep by 10 and tonight i'm supposed to go out and get to the club after 10...and it makes me feel sooooo tired. but i need to get out more so i'm gonna suck it up. but man, i'm reaching that age where i don't particularly care for clubs, especially when they're super crowded, and late nights.

ha, i'm going to rosarito this weekend with my coworkers..and they're all younger than me and are ready to party... dude i'm gonna need lots of caffeine or something...
Current Mood: tiredtired

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May 20th, 2007

10:57 am - our senior class...
i think all of us in upward bound are going to miss this senior class.... they had their problems and struggles and issues, but they're such a good group and i feel like i've bonded with them so much. our senior catalina trip is always so much fun. exhuasting but fun. we went there yesterday and had a very full schedule. had to take the 7am from san pedro to avalon and took the ferry back at 6:45pm. once we got there we went bike riding for an hour, which was fun, but since we went uphill a lot too, my legs are so sore. then after biking we had lunch and then went kayaking. the kayaking is always the most fun of the day, for me, because we always end up pushing each other over into the water. i paired up with natalie, the other staff member, and she was so funny...she would get so hysterical about going into the water and it would take her forever to get on the kayak.... i had to help her a lot, but i was pretty comfortable getting on and off the kayak. i jumped off and onto others kayaks several times and pushed others off a lot. its so much fun, but i also used so much of my upper body to paddle and then to pull myself onto the kayak and to grab other peoples kayaks to keep us from turning over, so my whole upper body is so sore too. this one time we had two kayaks trying to turn us over but they couldn't! they were on either side of us and i kept holding onto both kayaks so they couldn't. (plus they were both trying to push down at the same time for most of it which obviously isn't going to work well in turning us over = P) we did that for two hours, so my body is a wreck right now. i have several bruises and kinda like rug burns (from scraping my skin against the kayak) as well as sore sore sore muscles. but it was lots of fun and i am going to miss this group. = )

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